Steamed Trout - Standard Recipe


Dish Name : Steamed Trout

Trouts (common name for the species) are fresh water fish found naturally in North America, Northern Asia and Europe.Trouts are good for baking,grilling,frying and steaming.Same as snapper, trouts also doesn’t have a standard recipe in culinary records but there are many methods mentioned.Here is we explain a continental steamed trout recipe.

Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit Description
For steaming :
2.5 KG Trout whole
0.05 KG Salt
0.02 KG Crushed black pepper
0.25 KG Lemon
For sauce :
0.5 LITRE White wine
0.25 KG Lemon
0.5 KG Butter
0.5 KG Onions for sauce
For accompaniments :
0.15 KG Brocolli
0.15 KG Zuccini
0.15 KG Pak Choy
0.15 KG French beans
0.5 KG Potatoes
0.1 KG Onions to toss with veg.
0.05 LITRE Oil


For the fish -
De-bone the trout and marinate with salt, pepper and lime juice.
Steam the fish for 4 minutes.
For the sauce -
Reduce the wine and onions add butter and make a lemon butter sauce.
For the accompaniment -
Blanch and saute the vegetables in butter.
Par- boil and deep fry the potatoes. Toss in butter with onions.
Serve the fish whole with the sauce, vegetables and potatoes.