Star Anise Jus - Standard Recipe

Dish Name : Star Anise Jus

Star anise is a spice, taken from fruit of Chinese evergreen tree Illicium verum. Star anise enhances the flavour of meat. Meat dishes prepared or served together with a light gravy, or broth, made from the fluids secreted by the meat as it is cooked is called Jus. Jus flavoured with star anise is called Star anise jus (basically the sauce)

Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit Description
4 Kg Chicken bones
8 Litres Water
0.2 Kg Leeks
0.2 Kg Celery
0.2 Kg Onions
0.1 Kg Carrots
0.1 Kg Tomato
0.01 Kg Thyme
0.02 Kg Salt
0.02 Kg Pepper
0.2 Kg Red wine
0.02 Kg Star anise


  • Blach bones in ice water and then roast it with half mirepoix
  • In a stockpot saute the rest of mirepoix along with tomatoes and thyme.
  • Add the roasted chicken bones to the pot and then saute. Deglaze with red wine.
  • Add water and allow it to simmer
  • Check and strain the stock and allow it to reduce.
  • While finishing add ground star anise to it.
  • The quantity produced will be only 400 ml after reduction, which is good for 10 portions