Standard Room Release Process

I am have been looking for an efficient process to release a room for guest occupancy. Specifically, I am interested in knowing how exactly communication is made between the housekeeper, inspector, and front desk.

Our property is spread out a bit so our units are not all close together (or near the front desk).

Specific questions below:

  • Do you inspect every room?
  • How does inspector know the housekeeper is done with the room?
  • How does inspector attend to cleanliness deficiencies?
  • Are these deficiencies communicated to the housekeeper who cleaned the room, and that housekeeper goes back to fix the deficiency?
  • How is the maintenance job or OOS are communicated?
  • How does the front desk know that the deficiency / maintenance job was corrected?
  • Who releases the room for occupancy, the housekeeper who corrected the deficiency or is the room inspected again and then released by the inspector?
  • Is all of this done verbally (in person or phone or walky-talky?) or communicated electronically?
  • What is the best way to communicate all of the actions that must be performed (clean, inspect, correct deficiencies, release to front desk)?

Thank you in advance for your help


You should be using a good property management system or hotel software to avoid these issues with manual coordination…

Most of the good PMS now has mobile apps which allows the house maids to enter the room status, mini bar consumption, OOS and OOO rooms along with the maintenance reason and pictures from such devices.

And these information is also send to the hotel software and concerned department like Front office, housekeeping and maintenance to take necessary steps or action.

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