Standard Recipe - Nicoise salad

Dish Name : Nicoise salad

Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit
0.2 KG Lettuce
0.15 KG Potato
0.15 KG Beans
0.15 KG Egg
0.15 KG Cucumber
0.2 KG Tuna
0.02 KG Anchovy
0.015 KG Capers
0.03 KG Black olive
0.03 KG green olive
0.03 KG Onion
0.05 KG Tomato
0.03 LTR Vinaigrette


  • Clean the lettuce in running water and chill
  • Cut the potatoes into dice and boil.Cut the boiled egg into wedges.
  • Peel cucumber and dice. Blanch tomatoes and beans.
  • Deseed the olives. Slice the onions into thick roundels.
  • Take out the tuna and anchovy from the tin.
  • Arrange all the vegetables and serve it accompanied with vinaigrette