Standard foods portion sizes..

I would like to ask about standard foods portion size of any rice dish or gravy items soup and all if anyone can explain…!!


hi @Faiz portion sizes vary from one establishment to another between table d’hôte and a la carte service, between regions like USA to UK to ASIA. it is difficult to give definite average portion sizes. :smiley:

** You can refer to the below examples as a guideline:**

Dish Standard Portion Size
Fruit juices 75 ml. to 110ml
Fruit Cocktail 120gms
Smoked Salmon 35gms to 40 gms
Caviar 30gms
Salami 45gms
Pasta 60gms
Rice 120gms
Boiled/poached/fry Ala Carte 2 Large ones
Omelets 3 Eggs
Steaks 120 - 240 gms
Chops 30-150 gms
Stews / Gravey 100gms raw weight
Hamburger 120gms