SOP for Take a way Procedure for Covid 19

How to make sop for Take a way procedure , in Ramadhan Package ?
for Covid 19
Can You explain that

  • If you are using a delivery service, implement contactless pick-up from your restaurant.
  • Do not have riders come into the restaurants.
  • If delivery is new to you, consider also running a pick-up option in tandem to avoid the aggregator fees.
  • Do not offer the entire menu for delivery/takeaway. Test which of your dishes travel well and if they don’t, don’t offer them.
  • Go cashless if you can to limit unnecessary contact.
  • Think about pivoting your offering to something more pick-up friendly.
  • Get creative with the menu items offered as takeaway.

Here is an interesting article about Takeaway procedure during covid19.

covid-19-food-delivery-and-takeaway-guidance.pdf (662.1 KB)


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The file seems to be working fine. Hope you have pdf viewer installed on the device?