Should 'fussy' hotel guests get blacklisted?

Hello Hoteliers, What is your opinion on blacklisting guests which are very fussy or with bad temper.

Of coarse not, this is what we are for in hotel industry to handle guest requests, to make then feel comfortable with the environment of the hotel and treat them like family.
And these are the challenges what we get like dealing with such problems and solving then out because our motive is to satisfy guests with the hotel services.
Guests can be blacklisted on the extreme situations such as a skipper, scanty baggage, etc.


I have been working an Hilton Hotel in Turkey year 2007 as waiter. There were A couple coming every week 2-3 times and giving hard time to everyone. They were keep askin something but they weren’t entitle. Changing meal without proper reason 2-3 times. Complaining from A to Z. Treating staff very badly etc… Than 1 day he was drunk and Confessed that "Only you are the one taking care of me - only you are the one doing whatever I have asked, Thank you for everything’’ Than We understood that actually he is happy about our services and just he wanted to feel a bit special. I think we should lear How we can feel their exact expectations. Rest is easy.


when i hear the word fussy, the first person who comes to my mind, is/was the chief editor of a reputed newspaper in India - 2006

he is entitled for complimentary tea to his room.he wants the tea to be served in his bed in the morning. he orders Darjeeling leaf tea all separate ( tea leaves, hot water , milk, strainer, cup & saucer)I have to put tea leaves and brew 1 min. he will hold the cup while I pour in freshly brewed leaf tea with strainer, he wants exactly 1 drop of milk to this.
he will drink only 2 sips and will ask to take back everything and bring another fresh tea.

My hand shivers while pouring because he is very arrogant, If the milk drop becomes 2 - he will shout & tea is cancelled. He used to make me run minimum 10 times in the morning for the tea, from the ground floor room service pantry to his 4th floor room with fresh tea trays. Thanks to my colleagues who helped me to set the tray for him. Funny part is that, being junior, I am the one who is always assigned to serve him, no one wants to serve this order :joy: :rofl:

Even though its now 15 yrs , I cannot forget this gentleman in my life.