Seven Cereal Bread - Standard Recipe


Seven Cereal Bread

Dish Name : Seven cereal
Ingredients for 1Kg Dough

Qty Unit Description
0.06 KG Multigrain flour
0.06 KG Hi fibre flour
0.50 KG Flour
0.01 KG Salt
0.02 KG Yeast
0.01 KG Bread Improver
0.34 LITRE Water

1.Place al the dry ingredients together.
2. Mix the yeast with a little water and crumble it together.
3. Add the yeast and the water and make the dough.
4. Prove the dough. Knock it back and mould it into 30g rolls of the desired shape. (or into a loaf of 350 to 450g each.)
5. Prove the rolls. Then bake the rolls at 200° C.

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