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How do I create a Selling Strategy Calendar? and How do I set Initial Selling Strategies?

@Adam2 be specific with your questions…

Which hotel software are you referring to… the more details you provide the faster you will get help from other experienced Hoteliers…

Thanks a lot for your swift reply! It’s Opera Management system

Setting up Rate Selling Strategy in Opera

The Rate Strategy program is a yield management tool to assist with monitoring and managing the availability of rates. Use the Rate Strategy feature as a tool to create restrictions or to set sell limits on Rate Categories or Rate Codes.

Follow the steps below to establish a new Rate Strategy:

  1. From the main menu, select Setup and Configuration.
  2. Select Rate Management
  3. Select Strategy

The RATE STRATEGY screen appears with a list of all existing strategies.

  1. Select New.

  2. Choose to set a strategy for a Room Class, Room Type, Rate Category, or Rate Code by clicking the drop-down arrow next to either field.

NOTE: The option of controlling the availability by Rate Category rather than by Rate Code greatly simplifies the task of establishing strategies for each individual Rate Code. All rates that belong to the one category adopt the strategy at once.

  1. Click the drop down arrow next to the Condition field to establish the strategy condition; the condition may be based on occupancy or reservation activity (i.e. times sold, or if occupancy reaches).

  2. Enter a value (either Percentage or Flat) for the condition.

  3. Click the drop down arrow next to the Restriction Types field to choose the restriction for the strategy (i.e. Closed for Arrival).

  4. Enter the Restriction Dates From/To for the dates affected by the condition. The selection here defines conditions for reservations booked on these dates.

  5. Enter the Control Dates From/To for the calendar days controlled by this condition. The selection here defines the actual booking dates affected by this condition.

  6. If this condition only applies to certain days of the week, check or uncheck the appropriate dates.

  7. Enter the number of Days in Advance the condition applies. This rolling date range moves along with the calendar.

  8. Select the Sequence for this condition.

NOTE: The Sequence defines the order that the condition applies. If multiple conditions exist for a reservation date, this sequence determines the priority of which condition applies first.

  1. Select OK to save
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