Seared Scallops with Beet Vinegrette

Seared Scallops with Beet Vinegrette

Dish Name : Seared Scallops with Beet Vinegrette

Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit Description
0.225 KG Beetroots
0.08 LITER Cider vinegar
0.045 LITER Extra-virgin olive oil
0.01 KG Chopped dill
0.005 KG Kosher salt
0.001 KG Ground black pepper
1 KG Sea scallops
0.14 KG Mixed Greens
0.085 KG Julienned carrot
0.085 KG Julienned daikon


  • Prepare the beet vinaigrette by simmering the beets in acidulated water until tender. When the
    beets are cool enough to handle, peel and chop. Place the beets and vinegar and puree until smooth.

  • Whisk in the oil and season with the dill, salt and pepper.

  • For each potion: Dry approximately 0.1 kg scallops with paper toweling and dry-sear in a
    seasoned saute pan until brown on both sides and cooked through.

  • Arrange the scallops with 0.014 kg greens and 1 tbsp/0.015 liter each of grated carrot and
    daikon on a room temperature plate. Drizzle with 2 tbsp/0.030 liter beet vinaigrette and serve.

Note: For a more intense colour and flavour, use a juice machine to juice the raw beets.
Combine the juice and vinegar, whisk in the oil and season with dill, salt, and pepper.