Sample HR Plan for hotel Industry

Dear hoteliers,

I am doing a project with regards to the opening of a new 100 room hotel.with 3 f&b outlets So if you could be so kind to assist me with the following questions.

  1. How do I set pre opening strategy and post opening strategy.

  2. Would i require supervisors or managers

  3. How many staff would I require for this establishment and what hierarchy would they be at?

Please let me know if you could help me out with this.

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Welcome to Hotel Talk. I hope you will get response from other hoteliers soon.

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1.) Here’s a pre-opening checklist:

  1. Yes, you would require a supervisor example from the F & B, the capacity of your restaurant would depend on the number of staff that you would employ and the supervisor would be the one to assist on your staff, or also if you have plans for a banquet, this should also be considered. In the housekeeping, you may still need depending if you have a lot of departments under here, like linen, laundry and rooms division.

  2. to know the number of staff your would be needing, this would depend on the size of the room, to the productivity of the housekeeper to know your housekeeping department staff, at the long run same applies to the F & B, what is your target turn over in a day, what is your projected time of day wherein you have the most guest, this will determine as how many staff you will be needing per shift.

The best way is to hire half full time and half part-timers, so that you may consider to not take the part times in off-peak and or hire them as full-time workers in the long run.

Hope this help :grinning::grinning: