Room type distribution

I want to know the distribution of types of rooms If I have a Hotel with 100 rooms.
Example: if I have 100 rooms 4o will be double standard bedrooms, 4 presidential suites…
How do I know this data or where I can find it.


You need a proper system to gather the details like PMS(Property management system like OPERA) and need a good revenue management setup to track the data.

@luisrandolph you need to do a good amount of research and analysis before finalizing your room type distribution. There are many factors like bedding type, features, amenities offered, room size etc. etc. on top of this, you will also need to do some market study as well before you need to define you room types to cater a wide range of guests.

The below two are key points while defining the room type:

  • Know Your Targeted Market(s) - A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t get you anywhere these days.
  • Show the Uniqueness of Your Property - You need to highlight what makes your property unique, which allows you to charge a higher price or lower price for a certain type of rooms.

Another point to note is trying to keep the room type naming conversion standard (Like Deluxe, Superior, Suite, Executive etc.) because when you try to publish your room type to Online Travel Agent (OTA’s) the naming will be standard there so inorder to have the easy of mapping and handling inventory this is going to helpful for you in a long run.

The bottom line is there is no hard and fast rules to define the room types in any hotel it need quite a lot fo research and analysis.