Room Credit for a Housekeeping Maid

What is the standard room credit or target for housekeeping maid for international hotel? It is based on number of rooms? Can y’all assist on this?

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Time required to clean the room depends mainly on the size of the room, hotel classification and the items present inside the room.

Ideally an average of 20 to 30 Min per room is what the standard for Full Service hotel but again it depends upon the type and size of the room to be cleaned by the agent.

Also, to calculate how many rooms to give each staff first determine the working hours / person. Do not forget to consider tea/lunch/ dinner breaks in between. Then divide this by the time required for one staff to clean one room as per standard.

Provide 10 mins for briefing at the shift start & 10 min for debrief when the shift ends… For ex. Assuming your working hours are 09 Hrs which is 09 * 60 mins = 540 mins. From this reduce time for (A) breakfast/tea 10 min + lunch/dinner time 30 min. and (B) 10 min for briefing + 10 min for debrief. You now have 540 - (10 + 30) - (10 + 10) = 480 mins for work.

Assuming cleaning one room takes 30 mins. Total rooms that can be cleaned in 480 mins = 480/30 = 16 rooms.

Now for the cleaning part. “A” to “Z” cleaning in a room is not done everyday in a room. But since its a two star hotel I assume that can be done as items in the rooms must be less than that of a 5 star.

Such cleaning is basically for ceiling, A/C grill, exhaust and light fixtures which are difficult to reach and cannot be cleaned on a daily basis. It is however advisable to clean everything everyday.

Hope the above information helps you.


@Niyati-Kochi great explanation about allocating work load or preparing maids report

Below Article should help you understand different type of ‘Servicing of guest rooms’ as per the room status.


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