Remove Bad Smell from the Carpet

Dear Hoteliers,

Kindly advice me how to get the smell out from the carpet, because I try much time I do shampoo and many treatments but after few days again the smell will appearing, we purchase just 8month ago.

Please advise me anyone has an idea or a permanent solution for this problem?

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Perhaps try steam cleaning

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just want to ask the same question. After all efforts to get rid of the foul smell from the floor carpet of room. we already used 2 different shampoos from different manufacturers. the smell we have is almost similar to an old wet linen, which was soaked or covered for a long period of time.

using deodoriser for carpet cleaning is essential to kill the harmful germs and to neutralize odours by deodorising your carpet or household upholstery.

Use Baking Soda With Vinegar…


@Jyotsna nice suggestion can you please explain the process? ie what is the dilution quantity of Baking soda in Vinegar also how to apply and clean up etc.

Any adverse effect on the carpet with this method like colour change, fading etc?

I wanna suggest all of you . Candle’s light is can remove bad smell.Newspaper also can remove it but Newspaper is without color .I mean it’s colourless. You Should try that in the same time . It’s more effective .