Remembering Guest Names

I work at a small resort with less than 100 rooms. The General Manager has challenged us to come up with a method of knowing every guests name that stays in the hotel each night.

What tricks or methods exist in the Hotel Industry to accomplish such a daunting task? We have 3 shifts and a total of only 6 Front Desk Agents.

The idea is to have the front desk or staff address the guests by name as they approach or walk by the front desk. :star_struck::star_struck:

Personally I don’t think its practical to want to remember the name of every stayover guests… and you simply will not. Not to sound negative, but the time and energy it takes trying to teach your team to try to remember so many names will probably not justify the results you will receive from your team.

Do you have a guest data base? Perhaps what you can propose to your GM is to create a list of your top repeat guests say… 20 guests. The next time they check in, ask them politely to take a picture with one of your managers so as to better serve them in the future. When they do return in the future, you may share this photo hotel-wide including to health clubs, f&b outlets, FO team, spa team, etc. This way, you will fair a higher chance of retaining your most profitable guests and making the entire “name recognition” process a little less stressful on your team.

At the same time, it is worth noting that although guests in general love to be called by their names, this is not the very first step. Many front desk teams fail to accomplish basic steps which is as simple as eye contact, smiling, good attitudes, etc.

I personally prefer to focus on the basics first. Make the team and the guests feel comfortable, then the name recognition will fall in to place.

Once both sides are comfortable, normal and natural conversation will take place. This is the chance to not only recognise who your guest is, but to allow your guests to recognise who your staff are! Your guests will feel more comfortable staying at your hotel, and your staff will feel more comfortable working in your hotel. All the best with your assignment :slight_smile:

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Not possible or practical, nor will your team interact with all guests. How does he expect you to identify the one nighters??

Get one of your senior managers to have words with him in a way to say that you guys are making efforts to do so but at least show the effort by learning your top 50 regulars / producers and do the mugshort board in the back office.

call the guest by his name is preferred. And for the total number of front desk staff, you need only one more to cover the other 6 employee in their day off.


Thanks @tin1982 @Luaay @Rajeev for your suggestions.