Recommended Opening Hours For SPA and Activity

What is the suggested opening hours of the SPA and Activity Department? Is it 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM?

Would you consider opening the SPA until Midnight?

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yes, it depend on your location of the spa, if in city yes 10 to 10 or later but for resort spa should be 10am to 8pm

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Available Services and demand! eg: What are your guests wanting? Is it feasible. You have to make a small feasibility study. The answer will come clear to you!

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No… If you open until midnight – it has too many things you need to consider. 1. Manning – Reception and therapist 2. Operational budget such as electricity and other that keeps running until the closure 3. Percentage of guest that would like to take spa treatment in midnight is very seldom

We do hours daily from 12.00 pm to very late. Normally minimum 12 hours total. The base line is “Demand & Supply” and prominent feature.

But one of the main pain points is the manpower, and it’s indeed a big concern.

Like for example the Local skilled workers not easily available. Certain restrictions on foreign workers. Then there is the issue of discipline as work cultures differ from country to country.

Even the menu for meals served to staff became a debate for large hotel operations. We are presently using a “commission” structure where a masseur earns up to 30% of the revenue generated.

Masseurs would not be interested if otherwise lower. The bottom line is I would always say maximize your hours if there is a demand for such services even late Hours