Recent Trends In Tabletop Design

Recent trends in tabletop design include:

  • Taking a small design element of the restaurant’s logo or décor and repeating it on customized plates.

  • Decorated plate rims, which you’ll read more about in a moment. This is a bit more labor intensive and typically is most effective on a plain, white plate.

  • Mock candles and tea lights made with LED lights that mimic flickering flames and can turn on and off as needed.

  • Glass plates (bright colors for casual dining; clear and etched for fine dining) instead of china.

  • Interesting, “organic” shapes for plates used for special courses and/or “sharable” foods: platters, appetizer, and dessert plates.

  • European-size flatware, which is larger and heavier than American-size.

  • The return of Melamine, the sturdy, unbreakable plastic that now can be made to look almost like a heavy ceramic, used for display and serving pieces.

  • Plates with oversize, brightly coloured rims but white in the middle.

  • 10-ounce glasses (rather than the standard 8-ounce) for a 6-ounce wine pour.

  • Stemless glassware (see figure below).

  • Classy or whimsical individual teapots and decorative tea display chests, as restaurateurs learn to cater to the growing (and profitable) market of hot-tea drinkers.

  • Brightly coloured plastic water pitchers for the waitstaff to use instead of clear plastic or heavy glass.

  • The use of quick-ship services that allow you to reorder items quickly without having to stock lots of inventory.

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