Reasons for Guest Returning to Hotel

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Can anyone tell me what are the most important factors which effects guests return to a Homestay / B&B / Hotel / Resort / Motel etc.?

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Service, Quality of products, warm welcome, anticipated service and fond farewell etc.

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As my Opinion , following reason are most important for Guest to return to the hotel:

  • Provide Airport transportation and other services.
  • Take care of the all needs of the Guest.
  • Do Daily Check of the Guest Rooms.
  • Talk to the Guest with Respect.
  • Ask Guests to Share their Experiences During their Stay.
  • Housekeeping services available 24/7.
  • Price must be reasonable.
  1. Anticipates guest’s needs during their stay

  2. Servers guest in professinal manner

  3. Tries handling guest’s problem out as soon as possible and effectively

  4. Benefit policies for regular guests

  5. All of staffs should remember regular guest’s name and addressing guest’s name on occasion of seeing them.

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I think the following must be some of the top reasons for guest to return to a hotel.

  • Cleanliness / Appearance
  • Good Service
  • Facilities
  • Convenience
  • Price / Reasonable rates
  • Quite / Private

I think the main reason for guest to return to a hotel are below:

  1. Good communication.
  2. Understand his problem.
  3. Give 24 hour check out facilities
  4. See off by handshaking / fond farewell.

quality service
handling quest need in proffessional way

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