Re opening again after Covid ideas and input

We live in South African and run a small ten guest accommodation establishment.
We are busy putting together a motivation to facilitate a structured reopening once our Lockdown has finished.
Any members already had to do this?
Any advice very welcome.
Thanks so much Gail


According to the New York Post, millennials are the most eager to get back out and explore the world after the coronavirus ends. Sure, they are worried about the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yet, they are more fearless and more desiring of unique experiences right here right now. As of now, they are taking advantage of the crazy low prices showing no fear of the virus. So let’s hope as soon as the lockdown period is over there will be some business to slowly come back to normal.


It is imperative that hotels across the globe remember how they have overcome a range of past crises, such as natural disasters, the SARS outbreak and acts of terrorism when thinking through their strategies to handle the COVID-19 crisis

As the impact of COVID-19 lessens and demand increases, it is crucial that hotels act in a proactive manner by effectively managing room rates and marketing offers to maximize revenues.


We as hoteliers need to use this low occupancy / closed down period for hotel maintenance, renovations, invest in new technologies, staff training (remote training of-course), try to sell gift certificates, start meal delivery from hotel restaurant, support the community, work on other brand awareness etc.