Ramadan New buffet or food ideas

Dear F&B Directors& Managers& chefs at middle east… our hotel one of the leading hospitality hotels in Dubai… As all of u know that its Ramadan month. I start with my team our Ramadan action plan for this year i seek your help and support if their is new ideas we try to do something different this year new creative ideas ,crazy ideas,

We looking for something unique… don’t like to do same others are currently doing. I have good team,good budget and we have time …Please if you can suggest or see good idea i will do appreciated that.

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Do not forget to include as many local delicacies as possible.'I say go regional. Middle eastern fare is an excellent display of cross culture influences. Set the theme for the dining area.

UAE has many Muslims from different countries. (ie. Indonesia,Malaysia,Philippines etc) And I am sure some of them work at your property. But advance planning can’t go wrong. Will contribute ideas as we go along.

My 2 bones combine Lebanese mezza with other items to enrich your salad buffets ,as well Arabs love meat so if you manage to have a grill stations with Turkish/Aleppo style kebab…and the Arabic sweets to flood the buffets more to add a baby smile camel to welcome them in …?

What % of the Muslim expats, which are the majority of the city’s population, comprise the “breaking of the fast?” …most are from East Asia-so go regional as stated.

It is assumed you will have traditional Arabic regional foods as well. …personally I go for traditional foods from each country. Crazy ideas usually don’t sell.

Do not serve a buffet !!

If you want to be different then do table service… have a wide-range of rich and varied starters and main courses placed in the middle of the guest table just a couple of minutes before Maghreb - and do not forget a few dates and labneh.

You will need to take table reservations and, if possible, get the guests orders in well advance so that all the starter and main course dishes can be served hot just before Iftar.

If you have two outlets that can serve Iftar then you could offer a choice of a buffet in one and a VIP service with table service as bove in the other.

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You should not go far from the traditional Middle Eastern food , there are an excellent selections from different Middle Eastern countries , Especially the Lebanese cuisine , Crazy ideas, fusion , modern what ever you wanna call it does not work during Ramadan especially for the breaking the fast ,

Buffet is preferable for almost all of the people in that region ,as well you may do a semi buffet ( a nice setup with wide selection of cold appetizers , salads , soups , breads , desserts) and then the main dishes can be served direct on the table to share ,
however a rich family style set menu would be great for the month of Ramadan.

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Thanks guys for your time and response. Simply amazing suggestions.

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