Poached Chicken - Standard Recipe

Poached Chicken

Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit Description
1.2 kg chicken breast
0.6 kg spinach
0.1 kg sesame seed
0.05 kg lemon
0.02 kg sugar
0.005 kg salt
0.01 lt sesame oil
0.2 kg rice
0.025 kg ginger
0.1 kg coriander
0.01 kg garlic
0.6 lit chicken stock

Steam the chicken with ginger julliene.
Crush the ginger and garlic and make a broth.
Add coriender root and finish with sesame oil.
Blanch the spinach and saute with garlic and sesame seed.
Arrange steamed chicken in a plate with saute spinach.
Serve ginger broth along with it.

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