Plain Omelette - Standard Recipe

Plain Omelette

Dish Name : Plain Omelette

Omelette or Omelet is a dish made from beaten egg which is pan fried either flat or folded / rolled.
Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit Description
20 Nos Egg - whipped
0.1 KG Milk / cream
0.05 KG Butter- for cooking
0.2 KG Tomatoes - Grilled
0.3 KG Iceberg Lettuce
2 Loaf White / Brown bread
0.7 KG Hash brown potatoes
0.1 KG Butter cubes


  • Beat eggs with milk or cream
  • Pour one laddle of whipped eggs into a non stick pan lined with butter
  • Spread the egg with a stapula, fold the omelette and cook for a minute by turning / rolling
  • Remove to serving plate garnished with lettuce & grilled tomato while the omelette is still yellow

Accompaniments : Hash brown ,Bread toast, Butter, Jam, Marmalade & Honey.
Note :
(Usually eggs are not seasoned in breakfast preparation. cruet sets are provided instead)
1 ala carte order of omelette is considered to be prepared of 2 eggs.