Pan seared scallops



Scallop is a type of mollusk (seafood - a shellfish). There are 2 types of scallops available in market - wet & dry. Its better to use dry scallops. In continental/ western way - scallops are either sauteed or frying.Here we have a sauteed/seared recipe with mash.
Ingredients for 10 portions

Qty Unit Description
0.9 Ltr Fish stock
0.0001 Kg Saffron
0.01 Kg Salt
0.005 Kg Pepper corn
0.1 Kg Butter
0.01 Kg Garlic
0.5 Kg Potato
0.08 Ltr Cooking oil
0.08 Kg Spinach
1.25 Kg Scallops
0.01 Kg Nutmeg powder
0.15 Kg Tomato


  • Blanch the tomatoes, refresh in chilled water, peel the skin & marinate in salt, pepper and olive oil
  • Clean the scallops and marinate in lemon juice,salt,pepper & olive oil
  • Toast sesame seeds & broil saffron
  • Prepare mash - mashed potato
  • In a hot skillet wilt the spinach in little oil, season and keep aside.
  • In a pan simmer the fish stock on medium flame, broiled saffron and add seasoning
  • In a small pan melt butter saute finely chopped garlic and add the potato mash
  • Add cream, a pinch of nutmeg powder & little butter to mash and season with salt & pepper…
  • To a very hot pan put little oil and sear the scallops on both the sides till cooked
    Plating :
  • In a soup plate put the potato mash in the center, arrange the wilted spinach.
  • Place the marinated tomatoes on top followed by 5 seared scallops
  • Finally pour the saffron fumet on top of the scallop and put toasted sesame seeds as garnish