OPERA PMS - Text messaging Functionality

Once the text message function is switched on in OPERA it is possible to configure a template for the following text message options:

  1. Confirmation letter - text message which can be sent from the confirmation screen.
  2. Your room is ready - text message which can be sent from the queue room screen.
  3. Hurry up there are rooms on queue - message which can be sent to the housekeeping team.

Additionally it is possible to transmit the information entered in the guest message area in OPERA to the guest via text message.

It is of course necessary to engage a service provider that will deliver the text messages to the guest’s cell phone. Once such a contract is in place there are only eight fields of configuration needed in OPERA, in these we identify the delivery method, service account details, time out etc.

Learn more about this functionality on OPERA OnlineHelp and search for “text message”.

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