Offer Templates

Dear hoteliers,

I need your help with regards inquiry letter sample template.

I want to send a reservation offer for leisure, individual and corporate, but I’m confused with the best sample to use.

Cay someone help me on the sample for reservation offers of the above?

Thank you and stay safe


Hi @Adam2

The main difference between the reservation confirmation format for guest and corporate is

  1. The letter is addressed to the ‘Booker’ or ‘Reservation contact person’ of the company instead of the guest who is occupying the room.
  2. The terms and conditions, cancellation policy etc. will be a bit different from those of the normal leisure guest.

Other than the above rest information should be similar across all types of confirmation letters.

Hope this helps mate.

Thank you for your reply

I meant the sample of sending reservation offer and not confirmation letter.

Thank you for your answer and help.

Best regards

hi there @Adam2 can you share your existing format here as an example so we can understand what exactly you are after. As far as I can think of both the offer letter and confirmation letter contents are more or less similar.

Good afternoon
Thank you so much for your willingness to help me with my request.

I mean how to prepare a proposal in a formal way if someone sent a request for a room quotation.Congres_ISMEC_2017.pdf (641.3 KB)

Attach is an example to make it clear on my point of view.

Best regards

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