Neapoletana (Marinara) sauce

Dish Name : Neapoletana (Marinara) sauce

Neapolitan sauce, also called Napoli or Napoletana sauce, is the collective name given to various basic tomato-based sauces derived from Italian cuisine, often served over or alongside pasta. In Naples, the Neapolitan sauce is simply referred to as la salsa, which literally translates to the sauce. It’s also what Americans would call marinara.

Ingredients for 1 kg

Qty Unit Description
0.05 Litre Olive oil
0.70 Kg Tomato
0.3 Kg Tomato puree (can)
0.02 Kg Garlic
0.01 Kg Celery
0.02 Kg Onion
0.01 Kg Leek
0.005 Kg Bayleaf
0.005 Kg Peppercorn
0.01 Kg Salt
0.01 Kg Fresh basil


  • Saute garlic & mirepoix in olive oil & add chopped tomatoes & bay leaf.
  • Cook the tomatoes well. Cool the mixture and make fine tomato puree & strain it.
  • Now add canned tomato puree to the cooked & strained mixture and cook again.
  • Check the seasoning and add chopped fresh basil.