Manual Keys vs Key Cards - Pro's and Con's

I am planning to switch to Keycards instead of the current metal or manual keys for my small boutique hotel.

Hotel size is with 15 keys. Do you think it is worth to switch to keycards for such a small hotel?

What are the pro’s and cons

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  • You can recycle and re-use the cards helps to cut down on costs.

  • The ability to replace cards rather than re-cut keys can help to bring down the associated costs

  • The ability to issue more than one card where needed

  • The ability to be able to change the locks when needed, rather than replacing the entire lock.

  • You can set time frame of use. Useful for: Let’s say a guest has paid for a night and is due to checkout the next day at 12pm. Even if the guest

  • manage to evade the front desk personnel after check out, the key card issued to him wouldn’t work and he has to renew and pay for another night at

  • reception.

  • Set Key Permissions: Housekeeping can only open the doors for certain hours. Also, every door opening is registered into the key card software system and in case of missing objects.

  • Prevent Key duplication.

Hope this helps.


@CottageHumble Many thanks for your kind suggestion and explanation.

I think considering the cost of implementing the keycard door lock + software + server + AMC it won’t be cost effective for a small hotel like mine with only 15 rooms.

Even-though there are many advantages for using keycards cost + managing is a big deal.

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