Maintaining an Ice Machine

Can someone share the best practice for Maintaining an Ice Machines?

The Primary Items For an Ice Machine PM Check are as Follows:
• Clean and sanitize the water system
• Clean air filters on air-cooled models
• Check external filter system and change cartridges as needed
• Check inlet water valve screens
• Conduct bearing and auger inspection on extruded ice makers
• Conduct a visual inspection of components, controls, and wiring for oil spots,
loose wires, loose fasteners, corrosion, etc.
• Clean the bin interior and unit exterior

When removing ice, use scoops with handles that prevent hands from touching the ice.Don’t touch any other part of the scoop except the handle

Keep the scoop outside the ice bin, so the handles don’t touch the ice.
The scoop should be kept on a stainless steel, impervious plastic or fiberglass tray
Keep doors closed except when removing ice
Consider periodically testing your ice and ice machine surfaces for the presence
of contaminants
Make sure that you use ice dedicated buckets for transport
Do not store food, containers or other objects within the ice bin
Change your water filters on a regular basis