Main Duties And Responsibilities Of The Front Office Department Staffs

Main Duties And Responsibilities Of The Front Office Department Staffs

Front Office Manager

  • He is the head of the department.

  • He ensures the smooth running of the department

  • He sees to it that his staff reports to duty in time and in proper uniform.

  • He ensures that courteous and personalized service is given to the guests by his staff.

  • He deals with front office correspondence on reservations, enquiries, room booking etc.

  • He is responsible for the upkeep of the front desk, lobby manager’s desk and their equipment.

  • He deals with the complaints against his staff and other complaints of the guests.

  • Participants in the selection of F O Personnel

  • Conducts regularly scheduled meeting of F O Personnel.

Lobby Manager

  • He ensures that all rooms are blocked as per reservation requests

  • He keeps a check on room position

  • He instructs the airport representatives regarding the list of arrivals to be met.

  • He checks pre-registration cards

  • He also checks housekeeping discrepancy report

  • He ensures that guest requests and complaints are followed up

  • He follows up on group and crew movement

  • He takes actions for all unusual events in the lobby like fire, accidents, etc.,

  • He ensures the smooth running of the lobby.

  • He sends “C” Forms to the FRRO.

Reception Supervisor

  • To train all front office assistants on the job

  • To make the duty roster for the staff

  • To check the shift in-charge’s list on a daily basis

  • To check the next day’s arrival list and to brief the staff accordingly

  • He makes the requisition for the stationery required for the Front Office

  • Ensures the smooth running of the reception

  • Welcomes VIP guests

  • Attends to guest complaints

  • Assists the reception staff

  • Maintains records of the reception

Reception Assistant

  • To answer the queries of the guest to their satisfaction and to provide information

  • To promptly register guests and to assign rooms to them

  • To update the room rack regularly

  • To complete pre-registration formalities for VIPs

  • To execute government formalities regarding foreigners

  • To prepare room reports and occupancy statistics

  • Send messages to the guests

  • To print the arrival list for the next day.

Reception Shift in-charge

  • Performs the tasks of reception assistant

  • Supervises and checks the entire Shift Operation

  • Handles guest complaints

  • Checks all the reports before the end of the shift

  • Airline crew blocking and group blocking

Reservation Supervisor

  • To help out Reservation Assistant in calls, courses and feeding reservation information.

  • To supervise the staff under her and impart training

  • To monitor all new movements

  • To follow up on billing instructions and other special requests

  • To check on credit facilities to Companies, discount policies and discounts offered to various companies.

  • Co-ordination with Reception, Information, Sales and Marketing Departments and Tour Operator.

  • Up-to-date information of the position of the house for the day and the next three days.

  • She draws up a weekly, monthly and quarterly forecast

  • Monitors VIP movements and informs all concerned

  • Monitors house status and keep Front Office Manager informed of sold-out dates.

  • Deals with correspondence, vouchers, exchange orders, deposits, a refund of deposits and actions thereon.

  • She handles the group and conference booking.

Reservation Assistant

  • To update regularly the reservation chart and computer

  • To properly and courteously handle all reservation requests

  • To keep all reservations correspondence up to date

  • To handle amendments and cancellation of the reservation.

Senior Bell Captain

  • He controls the movements of Bell Captains and Bell Boys

  • He briefs the Bell Boy and ensures that they are always well-groomed

  • Takes stock of the luggage, parcels and any other material

  • Has thorough knowledge of the hotel, shops, airline offices, executive offices etc.

  • Thorough procedure on arrival and departure

  • To carry out different errands for the guests

  • Responsible for the proper distribution of newspapers

  • Keeping stock of the equipment, trolleys and ensuring that they are in good working order

  • Vigilant and alert on duty

  • To initiate action against guests having scanty baggage

  • To assist in crew and group wake up call procedures

Bell Boy

  • Take the baggage front the porch to the room

  • Escort the guest to the rooms on arrival

  • Place the baggage in the room

  • Explain the operation of light switches, air conditioning control to the guests.

  • Brings the baggage down in case of departures

  • Checks the room to ensure that the guest has not left any articles in the room

  • Obtain clearance from Front Office cashier on the errand card regarding the bill.

  • Check that main and messages are distributed to the guests.

Front Office Cashier

  • Operates front office posting equipment

  • Completes cashier pre-shift supply checklist

  • Completes guest check-in procedures

  • Post charges to guest account

  • Handle paid-outs

  • Completes guest check-out procedures

  • Settles guest account

  • Makes account adjustments

Night Auditor

  • Posts room charges and taxes to guest accounts

  • Processes guest charge vouchers and credit card vouchers

  • Transfers charges and deposits to master accounts

  • Verifies all account postings and balances

  • Prepares a summary of cash, check and credit card activities

  • Summarizes results of operations for management

  • Knows how to operate position machines, typewriters and F O equipment

  • Understands and knows how to perform check-in and check-out procedures

  • Handle errands requested by guests and Front Office staff

  • Handle the baggage of guests when they are shifting to another room

  • Distribute newspapers

  • To page guests in the lobby

  • To report guests with scanty baggage the bell captain

  • To issue postage stamps against cash.