LYW platform to create the link between the market of activities and your Hotel

Leading Yachts of the World (LYW) is the first cloud-based platform where the Hospitality and Travel industry meets the Yachting market.

Using own proprietary AI technology developed by AVA Software, LYW creates a seamless online channel for hotel groups, travel agencies, brokers and yacht charter businesses, enabling their high-end travel customers to search for their perfect vessel, compare different products, check availability, make their booking and pay for it securely – all within a single site.

Members or companies that do not have a fleet of yachts, such as Hotels, travel agents or concierge services, can now provide access to a global fleet with one click by integrating the LYW Plugin on their website.

This new technology-enabled solution by LYW empowers you to elevate your client service offering while opening up a completely new revenue stream.

The overall value proposition is to make chartering a yacht as easy as booking a hotel or airline ticket.

Why Choose LYW?

  • With LYW smart cutting-edge technology, you will stand out from your competitors
  • We use smart and modern software to provide an outstanding experience for your customers
  • You will generate additional income from activities

Integrate yacht charter services into your business, attract premium clients and generate additional income.
LYW is just the beginning; in future, this game-changing technology will be used to transform the marketing of many other luxury providers - “Leading Experiences of the World”, which will enable a well-heeled community of consumers to book a comprehensive.

The platform is provided to hotels free of charge.