Lost and found policy

do you have any lost and found policy in PDR

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Here is the link to lost and found policy in hotel -> Housekeeping.

All items found on the hotel property are to be turned in to the Housekeeping office immediately, where they are tagged and record in the lost and logbook with the following.

  1. Place found
  2. Description of article
  3. Condition of item
  4. Article number
  5. Guest name and room
  6. Name of finder

A letter may be sent to the guest in forming the guest of the find and requesting that he contact the hotel for proper identification. This decision is that discretion of the FOM. If a letter is sent to the guest, a copy should be kept by Housekeeping.
Valuable articles are to be turned over to the FO for storage in safe deposit box. House Keeping must be notified to record items and details in the log book.
Items such as clothing should be stored for a minimum of six months after which it is turned to the finder or donated to charity.
Valuable items are to be kept for one year.
If a guest call to verify a lost item, clerk must physically check that It is on hand – never confirm it through the logbook.
Claimed items should be record in the logbook, signed and dated.
You can modify according to your Hotel size and some editing.