Losses and breakages

Hi, I want to ask anyone just to have alternative ideas on HOW DO YOU COMPUTE CHARGES FOR GUEST DUE TO DAMAGES OR LOSSES? What are the templates or patterns do you use to make it reasonable and justifiable.

thanks in advance

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I think for breakages by accident normally you can bill the guest as per the actual purchase value of the item.

For other cases you could also charge like cleaning charges, conveyance charges, taxes etc. Not sure about any templates as the billing is standard like how you post a miscellaneous charges.


If you have a fixed list of items in the rooms then you could prepare a losses and breakage charge sheet and keep it ready with your front desk.

And when such incidents happen you could produce the same to the guest and request for compensations. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Normally, the prices are as per the actual cost and you could add up any labour charges, material charges, service charge etc. etc.

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