List of Speciality Restaurant/Coffee Shop Facilities

List of Speciality Restaurant/Coffee Shop Facilities

Vegetable preparation area

  1. Trolley

  2. Potato peeler

  3. Double sink

  4. Cutter/ chipper with knife rack

  5. Vegetable mill, with blade rack

  6. Mobile table

General preparation area

  1. Workbench with sink and wall shelving

  2. Meat slicer

  3. Marble pastry slab with flour bins under bench

  4. Food mixer

  5. Refrigerator

  6. Ultra-violet insect control (on wall)

  7. Wash-hand basin

Main kitchen - primary cooking area

  1. Mobile heated trolley

  2. Mobile 2-tier convection oven

  3. Boiling unit

  4. 2 induction heaters

  5. Mobile workbench with shelves over

Display kitchen-finishing area and servery

  1. Tiled bench with access to time clocks and refrigerator valves

  2. 2 induction heaters over bench with chilled drawers

  3. Boiling top

  4. Grill/ salamander mounted over tiled worktop with inset heated pans

  5. 2 fryers with chilled drawers under bench

  6. Microwave convection oven on corner shelving

  7. Tiled heated worktop over deep freeze cupboard

  8. Gas broiler with shelving under

  9. Tiled heated worktop

  10. Tiled serving counter with shelf over

  11. Microwave convection oven

  12. Counter top with inset trays and cutting board

  13. Inset sink and waste bin in corner recess

Pantry and beverage area

  1. Fitted wall units

  2. 2 toasters

  3. Large toaster over refrigerator

  4. Beverage stand fitted with glass/ cup racks and housing fruit juice dispense, shake mixer, milk dispense and two coffee machines

  5. Water boiler stand with inset sink and drainer

  6. Chest freezer

  7. Wash-hand basin

  8. Clean storage units

Dishwashing area

  1. Carousel receiving unit with tray support shelf. Trolley bins under

  2. Rack slide for soiled dishes with inset sink and basket shelves over

  3. Conveyor dishwashing machine

  4. Roller table for clean dishes

  5. Mobile table

  6. Double pot sink

  7. Mobile pot racks

  8. Mobile glass racks