Late arrival security...

Looking for ideas to secure late arrival packages that include keys etc…our office closes at 6 and there are always those that aren’t able to arrive, therefore we leave informational packet for them to pick-up, want to have better security than in place. I am having difficult time finding lock-box with changeable digital code…Thoughts? Ideas?? combination lock would work as well…Thanks for your expert assistance!!

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Hi @wBi how many rooms/keys does yours hotel has? Also, is it a hotel with multiple rooms or just one single listing like Homestay or Airbnb hosting etc.

Do you have any security or staff at other department after 6pm?

What I suggest is you should opt for a 'Remote Self-check-in door locking systems’. Below are some of the features of such systems.

  • Suitable for 1 to 200 rooms property.
  • Desktop/PC, tablet or smartphone compatible.
  • Most of the providers needs No software installation required.
  • Full Door, Auxiliary and Event control.
  • Break glass monitoring.
  • Email System, Alerts & User Events.

You will have to find-out a dealer in your area and also keep in mind that such systems also require good and stable internet connection.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Below are the typical ways to provide self check-in for the guest.

  1. Installing a Smart Lock which can be opened with a mobile app or keypad.
  2. Keypad - Guest can open the lock with a unique code. These code can vary to each guest.
  3. LockBox - The physical key to your place is stored inside a lock box and the box can be opened with a key combination.