Jaconde sponge-Standard Recipe

Dish Name : Jaconde sponge
Recipe Category : Cakes

Ingredients for 4 sheets of 30 cm x20 cm
Qty For deco Paste Unit Description
0.1 KG Butter
0.1 KG Flour
0.1 KG Egg Whites
0.1 KG Icing Sugar
Qty For Jaconde Sponge
0.25 KG Melted Butter
0.2 KG Icing sugar
0.675 KG Flour
0.375 KG Castor sugar
0.6 KG Eggs


  • For Deco Paste combine all the four ingredients to a paste
  • Colour the deco paste as per the design and spread with various designs on a silicon mat and freeze
  • For making Jaconde Sponge Whip egg white and sugar to form a meringue
  • Fold in the flour , whisked egg yolks and add melted butter
  • Pour over the frozen deco paste sheet and bake at 220 Deg C for 10 minutes
  • Use the sponge as required
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