IPTV service with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming+CDN+P2P

Good day!
Maybe you would be interested in some IPTV panel? :wink:
We provide Media Server that can be used for delivering video content to the end users via the Internet. As for the hotels we’re ready to provide IPTV Service with ABS streaming+CDN+P2P. You can use our platform Fastocloud https://fastocloud.com/#/ which provides Self-hosted IPTV/NVR/CCTV/Video service.
With the help of this solution you can stream everything you need through the pannel provided and to show guests the ads you need and earn money from this.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested!

Please, write me a letter: tkorolenko@fastogt.com or send us a message in chat through our website https://fastocloud.com/#/