Ipad - Software For Restaurant

I would like to know if somebody knows some software that can be useful for the restaurant and that can be used in the iPad as Reservation Management software, cost software, etc… For me would be very useful for my hostess specially because the iPad is portable…

I’m not talking about Menu software for the iPad once this is easy to find…

If somebody knows this or other usefull software that can be used in the iPad and related with restaurants / F&B please share!

@Try the following software…

  1. catererglobal.com

  2. https://restaurant.opentable.com.au/products/respak - Respak is most popular one.

My suggestion is don’t go for a product which only works on a particular device ie Ipad, Instead look for software which is web based and you can use it on all of your devices.

In case if you are looking for a free Restaurant Table management software then checkout the below website. Not sure if you can use it in your region/country. You can check-it.


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