Interview questions

Dear Sir/ Mam
Can you share some important interviewer questions for the post of Job Traniee or Commi 3 in kitchen department.

@mayank_dhyani not sure if you have already checked this list of questions and answers for Chefs interview?

Also, if you are a fresher they do brush up your basics. all the best.


@neha Thank you so much Neha Mam

Study the basics if you are a fresher, if you are an experienced chef then definitely there will a food testing is done to evaluate your cooking skills.

Topics like basic sauces, classical menu, food holding temperatures, some do’s and don’ts in the kitchen etc. All the best for your interview.

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Dear Sir/Mam
Can you also share some Food & Beverage Service Questions

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@mayank_dhyani Here is the link for F&B interview questions

101 Food and Beverage (F&B) Service Job Interview Questions and Answers - Hotel Management / Food & Beverage Service - HotelTalk

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