Interview Questions For A Guest Relations Executive/Officers

Hello Sirs/Madams,

I am a hotel management student final year and have been asked in an assignment for interview questions of for Guest Relations Executive/Officer (GRE/GRO) .

The format which I would be needing is the question likely asked by the interviewer along with a) One good answer to each question. b) One bad answer to each question.

Contributions to my questions will be highly appreciated as this is worth some grade marks for the exam and moreover a learning experience for me to prepare for future interviews :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your expert responses and thanks in advance!

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Some suggestions below for interview questions:

Question: Who do you think is paying you?
Answer: The guest
Bad Answer: You!

Question: why should I hire you (OK an old one)
Answer: Answer anything
Bad Answer: I do not know!

Question: what do you think guest relations is?
Answer: the link between the hotel and the customer
Bad Answer: a department woking with guests.

Question: what do you do with a complaint?
Answer: Take ownership, Log it and follow up
Bad Answer: Ignore the guest complain.

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