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Dear F&B Colleagues,

I am soon to be in a position to assist the owner of some very nice cafe / bars in arguably one of Asia’s most upbeat & contemporary cities with a very competitive F&B scene. All of the venues are located in prominent locations throughout the city (business districts and shopping malls). I am interested to hear any creative thoughts on capturing a greater slice of the market and obviously increasing revenue. Outlets are apparently well staffed with contemporary F&B offerings, some operating 7 days while others are only 5 days (Mon - Fri)…whats the secret in this cafe style market??? There are what appear to be attractive promotions in place but i am going to need something more…


Entertainment is not just a new band!
Get your staff (total)to create the buzz…pay them with incentives…get them involved.
Create new terms for your company-not HR, rather,
Director of Attitudes and Lifestyles…
No one really cares about 10% off of the credit card etc.
Out think your competition don’t over think your situation.Try the change if it works-fine.
If it doesn’t drop it… Pause. Ponder. Pray. Proceed…
You must however be REALLY involved. It really is your baby after the owner.
You have to be everywhere all the time. You ARE the company.


Be it Singapore or Shanghai trends are obvious.
Of course “personalized service” never did go out of fashion.
Profits are realized when there is “Repeat customers”.
Ask your team the question “Why them and not us?”.
(whom are doing well and seem to get things right)
Dare to be different I say … Cheers


A huge key…Let me repeat myself…a HUGE key is in the space planning, lighting, ambiance and decor. Do you want to scream at people to get inside your cafe? Or do you want to be the sexy one in the corner, quietly beckoning passers-by?

A proper hospitality designer will work with you to strengthen your concepts and really reach your target, all while ensuring that the space allows operations to run smoothly and precisely. A hospitality designer, too, will actually be able to save you money on things like maintenance, etc., from their knowledge of materials, pricing, etc.

A very worthy investment - always pays for itself and then some.

Sounds like a really crazy part of town - perhaps you renovate every season? Not a whole renew, of course! But a face lift? Close the cafe for one day at each season change, and make it a huge re-opening party/surprise/gala event or what have you - make people excited and keep yourself current.

Hope that helps!

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This is so good thought will try it

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Thank you all, for your valuable insight.