In Case of Fire Checklist for Homestay | B&B | Small Hotel | Airbnb

In Case of Fire Checklist for use in Small Hotels, Airbnb Hosting, Homestays, Bed and Breakfast (B&B). Download the fire checklist if .pdf format also.

 Alert people in the area.
 Turn on the fire alarm.
 Call the fire department immediately.
 If in doubt, evacuate the building.
 Evacuate guests and staff quickly but calmly.
 Remove all cash, if possible.
 Take the Room Availability Chart to confirm all guests have left the building.
 Gather everyone in one, safe location.
 Close doors and windows if possible.
 Turn off the heat source, if possible (gas or electricity).
 Keep phone lines open.
 Be vigilant in case of theft.
 Use fire extinguishers, if it is safe.
 Do not use water on a fire involving fat, oil, or electrical equipment.
 Wrap blankets around someone whose clothes have caught fire.
 Call for an ambulance or medical help, if necessary.

Download In Case Of Fire Checklist

In Case Of Fire.pdf (43.3 KB)

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