Ice Bucket Placement During Evening Service

Do we need to place ice bucket in all occupied rooms during the evening? Is it really worthwhile to increase service standards or just a waste of manpower & time? Does it add any value?

First of all what type of property is yours? is it a Luxury or Full Service hotel?

its not as simple as just bringing ice in the room. someone has to fill the buckets, someone has to set it in the room, someone has to clean up after the ice buckets, etc, it may sound simple but when put to actual practice it does add to the pressure of the room attendant, hskp coordinator and runner/houseman.

What about increased water and electricity expenses? water wastage? and depending on how you will operate this, you might be at risk of wasting labour because your RA or HM will have to run back and forth to get ice… surely they cant bring ice on the hskp carts with them as its a waste of space and the ice will melt if not kept in coolers. additional costs for coolers?

Another option is, if you dont want your guests to have to get their own ice, print a little card that read along the lines of “please call us if you would like ice delivered, it will be our pleasure to serve you.” liaise with room service and the operators, who will deliver the ice between what hours as to cover each other’s busy hours.

Also, you may without having to request deliver ice to certain VIPs or frequent guests.

How do you rate/grade your property?? what market mix are you commanding? what rates are your clientele paying… does it justify such a service? How many rooms you are having?

You need to do a feasibility study and analyse the cost + service standards + man power etc etc.