I would like to ask help from professionals

Hi, Thank you for taking a time to read my post.

I am from Japan and currently going to university and writing a research paper about hospitality in Hotel. I never worked in hotel but I would love to work after I graduate from University.

To finish my paper, I would like to gather opinions and information from people who work in this industry.

I would like to ask professionals who work in America or Japan for their opinions to help me for my research paper.

I would like to know what would be the difference between American hospitality and Japanese hospitality in hotel.

Question that I would like to ask are that:

  1. How long have yo been working for in this hotel industry?

  2. What is the difference between the “service” and “hospitality”?

  3. What is the hospitality? what is it to you?

  4. What would be the difference between way the hospitality is performed in America and Japan?

  5. In Japan, there isn’t system called a “tip system” like in America. Do you think workers in America they perform hospitality because they would like to get “tips”?

Do you think that if they don’t have a “tip system”, would they still perform same high-quality of hospitality as in to each customers? why and why not?

I am sure I would like to ask more questions in the future and sorry for my lack of English. But I really appreciate that you took time to read and reply for my post.