I am planning to create hybrid of hostel and three star Hotel

Hello Friends I want to create hybrid chain of three star hotel and hostel to provide best of two worlds in one place. As per your experience will this work as currently I have started purchase of land and will begin construction in 2020. Please provide your feedback on pros and cons of this model.

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hi @osumhotel its a nice theme. Is there any existing hotel chains which is offering the similar services in the same area?

How good they are doing? Also, Is it like a mix of individual rooms + Backpackers (Bunkers) ?

Wish you all the very best and success.

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Hi thanks for the compliments, for now no such chain offer this type of model. I’ve just one issue regarding it, will the backpackers and families get along or this will create chaos. Any suggestion will be very helpful.
I have three buildings in mind one for backpackers (dorms), one for families and one for recreation which include cafe, restaurant, spa, sauna etc.

@osumhotel one of my friend has a boutique hotel with 16 rooms and 8 of which are backpacker rooms.

The main issues which he faces are.

  1. Especially from OTA booking the guest see the pictures of deluxe rooms from the profile page and books backpacker room. Once they reach hotel they always argue that the picture was different etc. And ask for upgrade…

  2. Most of the backpacker are individual guests looking for cheap accommodation and they sometimes create issues for the family guests. Etc.

  3. Sometimes facility given to the deluxe room guest are demanded by the backpacker guest.

Are you planning to have separate check-in desk for backpackers?

Also do you think the backpacker guest can avail same breakfast or they will have same spending limit like other guests?

I wish you all the very best…