How To Teach the Front Line Staff to Generate Revenue?

Can someone advise how to teach the front line staffs to generate or up-sell?

One of the most pressing challenges hospitality leaders face is making certain the front line team members understand generating revenue in guest engagements and guest hospitality go hand in hand. Both are related operations and both operations are needed in every guest engagement.

It does not take much to extend a kindness or politeness to a guest. The front line staff is generally very good at this and not in any way inhibited. But when it comes to enticing the guest to spend some money on what the hotel has to offer, the front line staff seem to shy away from such guest engagements.

There are many reasons staff may be subdued in making an encounter with the guest a time to generate income, but with proper direction, the front line staff will - and should - see the benefit to each of them, the hotel, and most importantly, the guest! The front line staff need to embrace the guest in generating revenue. The staff need to looks for the higher level of service to anticipate the guest’s need. Another way to say anticipate the guest need is to say ‘up-sell.’ Both of these terms point to the guest spending monies on a hotel amenity or activity.

Take a look at the check-in. During the check-in experience, the staff might feel that the hotel has just taken monies for the room and it is too much to make the conversation benefit the hotel – but this is a must. The guest needs to see the benefits that the hotel has to offer. The check-in event is a great time to let the guest know about places to eat in the hotel and not just the place down the street. It’s the time to make certain the guest is extended a special invitation to the spa or hotel activity and not just how to hook up to the internet or where to find a local attraction. Sometimes all it takes is a staff person mentioning a hotel amenity for the guest to want to make the effort to take advantage of what is being offered.

As managers we need to help our front line staff help themselves. Hospitality to the guest and generating revenue need to be accomplished at the same time. Teach staff how to make more money and at the same time to raise the bar to a higher level of service. Hospitality and generating revenue - hand in hand operations!

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