How To Prevent Cutlery Loss in Dish-washing

Our stewards are throwing out too many Cutlery along with the food waste. Any ideas to prevent this type of loss?

Thanks in advance.

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There are magnetic trash bins that holds cutlery when throwing food waste.


Agree with @shanti you could find a dealer who supplies such Magnetic Trash Bin Lid or may be buy online.

Here is the picture of Magnetic Trash Lid for your ready reference.


Yes, What you would be needing is a Magnetic flatware retriever lid which get attached to the garbage bin.

During a busy dinner rush, it’s easy for forks, spoons, and knives to end up in the trash as plates are scraped off into the trash can and sent through the dishwasher. The Magnetic flatware retriever lid has a magnetic bar that catches the silverware before it falls into the trash, never to be seen again. The large opening allows for easy passage of food waste into the receptacle while also meeting board of health codes for closed refuse containers.

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