How to Identify and Handle Hotel Mystery Auditors?

Hi folks, I wonder if u have information, checklists, methodology for identifying and handling mystery auditors?

I think it is a crucial subject, lets share ideas…on your experiences on handling mystery auditors at your hotel :slight_smile:


What is a mystery auditor?

The Market Research Society (MRS) defines mystery auditors or researchers as: ‘The use of individuals trained to experience and measure any customer service process, by acting as potential customers and in some way reporting back on their experiences in a detailed and objective way.’

For example, mystery shopping is a long-established research technique and is used extensively in many industry sectors, such as retail and the motor trade, to measure the quality of service provided. When it comes to the hospitality they are referred to as Mistry Auditors or Mistry Guests!

The main goal of these so-called hotel mystery auditors or mystery guests is to research the hotel performance, checking if the adherence of the brand SOP’s is maintained and to evaluate customer services and help ensure the hotel’s staffs are treating customers fairly.


A very interesting topic worth discussing! I think this type of mystery guests always try to avail all the facilities in the hotel. For experienced hoteliers, I think they could easily find out if the guest is part of a Mistry audit .

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