How to handle buffet service during Covid 19?

Dear all,

Our hotel is currently facing challenges in order to maintain quality and smooth service on our buffet breakfast with all the Covid 19 restriction. (we serve around 600 people per service on week ends)
Would you happen to have any tips and tricks to recommend ?

Our main challenge is the waiting time and queue as the guest are not aloud to serve themselves, we need to serve them.

Thanks for your help !


Did you try plating before service? Stock service-ready plates and serve them when guest comes.


Hey Shanti, Thanks for your input, platting could be a good idea, but we dont really know what the guest will choose food wise, as we have a variety of food to offer on this buffet


You are right that guest can think too much sometimes which will make you serve longer.
Here are some other ideas:

  • Put honey/jam into tiny edible bowls made from waffle or use tiny bowls.
  • Show samples in front of buffets with small plates. Guest can see them easily while they can order them with showing. Less communication quick action i think. Use also number signs with name tags if you want.

@Charles_Beliando its good to hear that you are busy

It is not recommended by FSSAI and FHRAI (In India) to serve buffet till the pandemic comes to an end. However, if the requirement is inevitable in your operation, then u have to follow the basic COVID protocol for COVID as per your country rule and also high standards of hygiene and sanitation facilities of your property and premises, especially the dining area and buffet counter.

It is preferred to have dedicated staff behind the buffet counter to serve the guest ( minimum of 1 server for 2 chafing dish is recommended ). This will avoid the guest from having direct contact with any common food displayed surface.

In short, the guest should hold his/her plate and every single item should be served by the assigned food server who must be 100% clean and perfect as per COVID protocol.

Recommended to use a maximum of disposable items to reduce the risk (eg. paper placemats , paper tissues)

Water should be pre-placed on table, waiters to be attentive and service should be provided on guest call. Unwanted contact to the guest should be avoided as exceeding the expectation in the current scenario is service “on request” - avoid additional guest contact (upselling and suggestive selling interactions should be restricted).