How to design best and and exact sequence of menu course

I want the help for design the best multi cuisine menu and where I’m giving Indian Chinese tandoor and continental food please help with your suggestions…

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Course of menu :
Beverage, Soup, Salad, Starters, Main course, Dessert

Conti, Indian & Chinese cuisines can be clubbed together on soup, salad & dessert

Starters - you may keep conti first followed by veg kebab, non veg kebab, then Chinese

Main course -
keep all conti first, pasta & pizza together, other main course together
Indian curries (veg, non veg)… Followed by
Indian rice and bread
Chinese(veg, nonveg) cuisines… Chinese rice & noodles

Regarding menu items, your chef is the right person to answer.

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I tend to run away from this type of restaurants, and prefer more specialized places with less items on the menu, but done properly. There was a say that your cooking has to come from your roots. But that’s only an opinion I suppose.