How to create a rate code and attach the T.A profile along with on PMS?

How to create a rate code and attach the T.A profile along with on PMS?

@Adam2 is this question related to any particular PMS?

If this is a generic question related to PMS then you need to first build your rate on the PMS System Data or Backend and the Secondly Attach this newly created Rate Code to the Respective Travel Agent Profile in the Front Office / Front End.

Each PMS has different ways to create a negotiated rates both company and travel agent. So it really depends on to the PMS you use

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I mean Opera system, and my question what are the steps to build the rate code and how to attach the respected T.A’s profile to this newly rate code?


The step to create a negotiated or travel agent rate is similar to creating any other rate codes, Find below details on how to link a Negotiated Rate to any Profile Type (TA, Company etc.)

How to Link Negotiated Rate Code to Profile:

Negotiated Rates are beneficial when accessing the Rate Query for a specific Travel Agent/ Company since only the negotiated rates display for that company. In addition, Negotiated Rates speed up the reservation process.

Follow the steps below to add a Negotiated Rate to a profile:

  1. From the PROFILE SEARCH screen, highlight the desired Travel Agent profile and select Edit.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Negotiated Rates.
    The NEGOTIATED RATES screen displays any existing negotiated rates associated with the profile.


  1. Select New to add a new negotiated rate.


  1. Click the drop down arrow next to the Rate Code field.
  2. Highlight the desired Rate Code and select OK.
  3. Enter a Start Sell Date and End Sell Date.
    NOTE: If the Rate Code is to remain attached to the profile for infinity, then leave the end date intentionally blank.
  4. Select OK to save the Negotiated Rate and return to the profile.